Our History


The South Central Alliance of Churches was organized in 1988 through an initiative of Emergency Assistance for Tarrant County.

In the fall of 1988, discussions among churches in the South Central Fort Worth area indicated that there was a growing need for assistance for needy families.  Further, it was found that some existing services were being duplicated.  Through an Emergency Assistance of Tarrant County initiative, community churches were brought together for meetings open to all interested pastors and laypersons. After six months of meetings, Overton Park United Methodist, St. Andrews Catholic, University Baptist, University United Methodist, and West Berry Church of Christ decided to organize the South Central Alliance of Churches to work toward addressing this need.
During the organization process, these churches contracted with United Community Centers to provide administrative leadership for the Alliance.  At the same time, Hemphill Presbyterian, St. John’s Episcopal, the Salvation Army, Southside Church of Christ, TCU Ministries, Trinity Episcopal, University Christian, and the area school coordinator joined the Alliance.  Southside Church of Christ offered to provide office space for the Alliance, which was very fortunate since the church is well located, on Hemphill Street in the heart of one of the areas of greatest need, and it is readily accessible by bus.  In 2019, Southside Church of Christ needed to reclaim the space that the alliance occupied and the alliance moved from that location. The time from inception to the actual signing of the contract with United Community Centers was one year.

Our founding members congregations were:

Hemphill Presbyterian Church
Overton Park United Methodist Church
Southside Church of Christ
St. Andrews Catholic Church
St. John’s Episcopal Church
Trinity Episcopal Church
University Baptist Church
University Christian Church
University United Methodist Church
West Berry Church of Christ
Salvation Army
TCU Ministries
Area School Coordinator