Apply for Financial Assistance

To apply for financial assistance, either download the application or fill out the form below.  When you have completed the application and gathered all the supporting documentation, please call us for an appointment.

Download the SCAC APPLICATION FORM for Financial Assistance

The South Central Alliance provides financial assistance for rent and utility bills.

Our financial assistance is targeted to families who have experienced a recent emergency such as job loss, change in benefits, or a medical issue that is preventing them from meeting their monthly financial obligations.

Please note the documentation that is required in support of your application:

____ Documentation of the reason for your crisis, (termination letter, doctor’s letter, police report, etc.)

____ Valid government-issued photo ID

____ Proof of address in zip codes 76104, 76109, or 76110.  (lease, a rent receipt or mortgage documents. )

____ Documentation of all income sources, including most recent pay check/stub, employment verification letter, child support documents, and copies of all financial assistance award letters (SNAP, SSI, Unemployment).

____ All most recent utility bills: electric, gas, water, phone  OR  ____ Utilities included in lease in writing